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Reviewing Legal Agreement


We understand the stress and inconvenience that disputes can cause, so our dedicated expert dispute team is here to guide you through any challenges you may be facing.


Our goal is to achieve a favourable resolution efficiently and cost-effectively, avoiding lengthy court proceedings. With our extensive experience and specialised resources, we provide expert representation and guide you through negotiations.


Don't let disputes disrupt your life – contact us today for effective resolution and move forward with confidence.

Are You Facing Legal Disputes?

Expert Dispute Resolution Solicitors for Legal Disputes - Get the Support You Need with RJM Solicitors. 

At RJM Solicitors, we understand that legal disputes can be a source of stress and anxiety, causing inconvenience and lost time for all parties involved. That's why we offer a dedicated team of specialist dispute resolution solicitors to help guide you through any legal disputes you may be facing. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of issues, including building disputes, boundary and right of way disputes, professional negligence, debt recovery, and consumer disputes. Our experienced team is here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve a favourable resolution. 

Our goal is to assist you in resolving your dispute as efficiently and painlessly as possible by partnering with a legal team with extensive experience and specialised resources. We strive to avoid protracted and expensive court proceedings and guide you through negotiations to achieve the optimal outcome. Our priority is to bring your case to a successful resolution, while minimising costs and time. 

Whether you're facing a complex legal challenge or a straightforward dispute, our team is here to help you achieve the best possible outcome. With our extensive experience and specialised resources, we can guide you through negotiations and provide expert representation if necessary. 

Don't let a dispute disrupt your life any longer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you resolve your legal issues and move forward with confidence.

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Your Dispute Resolution Expert

Reynold Mahoney - Director

A seasoned legal professional with over 30 years experience and founder of RJM Solicitors. Dedicated to providing top-notch legal solutions and securing favourable outcomes for clients, he brings unrivalled expertise and a proven track record to every case.

Reynold RJM Solicitors Merthyr Tydfil South Wales specialise in matrimonial, divorce, last
Ryan Owen, RJM Solicitors Merthyr Tydfil South Wales specialise in matrimonial, divorce, l

Your Dispute Resolution Expert

Ryan Owen - Director

Ryan, a dedicated Solicitor deeply rooted in the local community, offers comprehensive legal services across all areas of law. With a rich background of collaborating with prestigious law firms, he delivers exceptional solutions and unwavering support to clients, ensuring their legal needs are met with utmost professionalism.

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